South Bank Poetry Competition

Winning Poems

Our recent London themed competition was a huge success and we would love to thank the poet Clare Pollard for being such an excellent judge.

We are very proud and pleased to publish a selection of the winners’ poetry on our site as well as in our magazine.


3rd Prize

Jellied Eels by Robert Peake


We see ourselves through you, sweet

pickled blob, sea-smelling delicacy,

swimming into nets set East of Tower Bridge,

giving yourself up for supper.


Watery allotment, the sea-bound Thames,

scraped for cockles and dredged with nets,

your long fast swimmers mimic the current

dashing like Morse code along the wires.


Mish-mash of salty fish and tangy aspic,

green glazing for bombed-out cathedrals,

part meat, part skin, part isinglass,

looking glass of flesh and quivering pane.


Alms for the clever, the slippery quick,

stretched ghost, half visible to the eye.


2nd Prize


Baristas of East London by

Sarah Gibbons


Saturday caretakers

wearing out past decades –

a glossed skinhead’s bomber,

the flick-knifed hair of a Teddy Boy,

jeans tight as a scab.

Alchemists to the bankers,

drug and buggy pushers,

they take a darkness

imprint its cat-soft belly

with a flower, a tree,

a heart collapsing on itself.


1st Prize


Gare du Midi    by Paul Stephenson


You are going in London yes in London?

I am going to London, to England, to London

English people very kind very friendly in London

Queen is living Bucking Ham Palace London

I go with you today travel in London


It is difficult to go with me to London

How do you go there today in London?

By train, I am going by train to London

England embassy helping papers London

My sister was going she did go in London


Is possible you know her she famous in London?

Brussels is cosmopolitan and big like London

How long does it take to go in London?

The train is fast, it takes two hours to London.

Show me please where train go in London


They always checking passport going London?

You must show a passport and a ticket for London

Papers and people are difficult in London

There are many cameras and policemen in London

It is crowded, busy and stressful in London


My sister they not love her I need go in London

You say we friends for enter train in London

You say we holidays in London

I dream buses visit Tower of London

I must go in London I am happy London.

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